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A daily collection of ~8-15 photos based on a particular theme/subject. Suggesting Themes: Send me a message by using the ask button. Suggestions should be specific enough that the theme/subject is obvious when seen together. Images do not belong to me unless otherwise stated and contain proper credit and links back to the original artists.
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Goodbye, Folks! Plus, NEW BLOG

Thanks to everyone who followed this blog, which I started in August. When I began, I really enjoyed posting a collections of images a day. As the months passed though, trying to come up with good photo themes and finding the time to find and post images became more and more tedious. As you have probably noticed, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I can’t commit to it anymore.

I’m starting a new blog, which just focuses on the colour green. you can find it:



(by annasaarso)

moon hill (by Dan Hewins)
By akm_2_go on Flickr
By Sunny6teen on Flickr
By Garethdtaylor on Flickr
Today’s photo theme: Arches